MKMMA- Week 15–Measure Twice And Cut Once

He could have had it all and still might do so. But  he must learn the difference between good advice and really bad advice.  Good advice comes from someone genuinely concerned for YOUR welfare. They either know of what they speak or acknowledge their lack when questioned. They may commit some due diligence to what they need to help or advise the one inquiring to find someone who knows what they are talking about. Bad advice comes from those who feel they must speak even with nothing to contribute. One thing in common with all bad advice accepted is “Misery loves company” and that is all that would be gained.

The difference maker in good advice is the one offering it not only cares about the person asking, but tells them to gamble on themselves. A friend in the construction business told me his motto is “measure twice and cut once.”  Control what you are able and learn every step of the way.

The undisciplined/unrestrained sub conscious is easy pickings for bad advise. Do nothing different. If it ain’t broke do not fix it. Play it safe. Be secure. You can win at anything. Just vet your advisors and be certain they can actually help. Big clue: If they ask questions about what you want and guide you to an affirming decision.