MKMMA Week 12–Swing And A Miss!

I would never wish to make light of any situation where a police officer must confront an inebriated citizen.  As a Military Policeman though I made a discovery that saved me quite a bit of pain once I took advantage of this insight.  When we were dispatched to break up a bar fight, I discovered that if the soldier would swing at me, all I needed to do was step aside and they would miss and then would end up face down on the floor.  Bend over and put on the handcuffs and take them to a cell to sleep it off.

Haanel wrote, “Knowledge does not apply itself; we as individuals must make application…”  The drunk soldier was unable to apply any knowledge since his ‘subby’ was completely running his show. Even poorly for the ‘subby’. Even before his/her drunken binge apparently little knowledge was being applied.  A little knowledge applied would have revealed that my abuse of alcohol is going to end badly for me.

Knowledge is not subjective.  Knowledge based on truth and purposefully applied to our life generates power. Power creates courage that you are on the right path and faith that you will arrive at your destination. You may have to swing a lot but there will be no misses.


MKMMA- Chalk one up for the Ants Part 2

A few weeks ago, I submitted a blog entry in which I stated that my subby was a ‘skirt chaser’. A friend of mine read the offering and suggested I might want to consider a clarification. The phrase was not intended to be confessional rather it was intended to illustrate the nature of how our sub and conscious mind interact.

The Elephant (subby) is able to be controlled by the ant (conscious) by a concerted effort. You might say that the subby will always default to the skirt chaser with out a conscious effort.  The beauty of it is that we are able to seize control of our lives by controlling what dwells in our sub conscious mind.  I need to embrace and have a plan to acknowledge what is being offered and to respond immediately. Consistent positive feeding of our minds is the answer to our juvenile subby’s attempts to ignore long term consequences.