MKMMA Week 8- Chalk one up for the Ant!

Last week my wife and I explained to a young woman that we were heading up the road to a resort to celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary.  She is 25 and a mother 3 times over. Her response was, “Whoa! 41 years?!? Really? I get tired of a guy in about 10 days.” We chuckled and told her that she needs to work on that because longevity in a great relationship is the best life has to offer. It is a matter of managing expectations and genuine interest in some one other than yourself.

This is truly where my subconscious has been challenged by my conscious self that all that glitters is not gold.  My subby is a skirt chaser. My conscious mind tells the skirt chaser that you do not want to hurt or lose the love of your life. You could not handle the pain inflicted by such a betrayal. Chalk one up for the ant!  Imagine if we can control such strong instincts, what we can do with a conscious mind that is daily instructing our subby to pay attention to only life enhancing, positive, well crafted messages to build wealth and happiness. Can you see it? Pretty soon the subby develops a ‘garbage’ filter much like a ‘sales’ filter. The Ant has done his job and can proceed to other life enhancing messages to feed the elephant.


4 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 8- Chalk one up for the Ant!

  1. Congratulation on 41 years, that alone shows you have a head start on the Master Keys. And look out for that ant, they are amazing little creatures that we all can learn from.


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