MKMMA- Week 5 Nodding wisely and speaking stupidly…

One of the most insightful sentences in the first scroll of The Greatest Salesman in the World is found on page 53, “Nature already has supplied me with knowledge and instinct far greater than any beast in the forest and the value of experience is over-rated, usually by old men who nod wisely and speak stupidly.” I laughed when I first read that but also realize how true that is. As a Senior Minister for 32 years I have experienced some of the most racist, homophobic and utter foolishness uttered while old men and women nodded wisely while speaking stupidly. Whatever ‘experience’ they had in life it was not based on timeless or Godly principles but on prejudices they picked up on the way. They are still impacting a generation despite no helpful insight being offered to live well.

Successfully navigating channels of life involves knowing yourself, your potential and skills to discern what is useful and principled. Our subbies are being charged while sleeping and awake. I am now learning that timeless principles are not marked by  years lived or positions gained. Rather it is simply a matter of standing guard over your thirsty mind and filling it with life enhancing instructions.


4 thoughts on “MKMMA- Week 5 Nodding wisely and speaking stupidly…

  1. Wonderful post John, We’re taught to respect church elders but it is hard when they are spouting hate. Now I simply say “Thanks for that opinion” and move on. No need to nod stupidly along with them.


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