MKMMA Week 3– The Blind leading the Blind

The story goes that a young mother approached Mahatma Ghandi and asked him to help cure her son of his addiction to sugar. He instructed her to return in 30 days and ask for his help then.  She agreed and returned 30 days later to ask for his favor. She was curious as to why the 30 days was a condition for his help and asked him such.  He responded that 30 days earlier he was addicted to sugar and had nothing of value to offer the child. The self awareness and principled life he demonstrated made him useful and effective. That commitment made for a powerful transformation to take place in 30 days.

I have learned that it is quite easy to offer opinions and criticism when like Ghandi in the first encounter we had little to offer. Week 3 has provoked a thought process that makes me realize when I learn to discipline my subconscious mind I will be a much more effective trainer, friend, family member and adviser.  Help is formulated in the crucible of struggle, focus and disciplined learned from fixing our own ‘way of thinking’. The purported value of ‘just do it’ or ‘just say no’ campaigns is diminished by the underlying fear/uncertainty most people are unaware of but totally controlled by.  Helping people to ID the source of fear and failure is an incredible gift for a wonderful life.


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