MKMMA- Week 15–Measure Twice And Cut Once

He could have had it all and still might do so. But  he must learn the difference between good advice and really bad advice.  Good advice comes from someone genuinely concerned for YOUR welfare. They either know of what they speak or acknowledge their lack when questioned. They may commit some due diligence to what they need to help or advise the one inquiring to find someone who knows what they are talking about. Bad advice comes from those who feel they must speak even with nothing to contribute. One thing in common with all bad advice accepted is “Misery loves company” and that is all that would be gained.

The difference maker in good advice is the one offering it not only cares about the person asking, but tells them to gamble on themselves. A friend in the construction business told me his motto is “measure twice and cut once.”  Control what you are able and learn every step of the way.

The undisciplined/unrestrained sub conscious is easy pickings for bad advise. Do nothing different. If it ain’t broke do not fix it. Play it safe. Be secure. You can win at anything. Just vet your advisors and be certain they can actually help. Big clue: If they ask questions about what you want and guide you to an affirming decision.


MKMMA Week 12–Swing And A Miss!

I would never wish to make light of any situation where a police officer must confront an inebriated citizen.  As a Military Policeman though I made a discovery that saved me quite a bit of pain once I took advantage of this insight.  When we were dispatched to break up a bar fight, I discovered that if the soldier would swing at me, all I needed to do was step aside and they would miss and then would end up face down on the floor.  Bend over and put on the handcuffs and take them to a cell to sleep it off.

Haanel wrote, “Knowledge does not apply itself; we as individuals must make application…”  The drunk soldier was unable to apply any knowledge since his ‘subby’ was completely running his show. Even poorly for the ‘subby’. Even before his/her drunken binge apparently little knowledge was being applied.  A little knowledge applied would have revealed that my abuse of alcohol is going to end badly for me.

Knowledge is not subjective.  Knowledge based on truth and purposefully applied to our life generates power. Power creates courage that you are on the right path and faith that you will arrive at your destination. You may have to swing a lot but there will be no misses.

MKMMA- Chalk one up for the Ants Part 2

A few weeks ago, I submitted a blog entry in which I stated that my subby was a ‘skirt chaser’. A friend of mine read the offering and suggested I might want to consider a clarification. The phrase was not intended to be confessional rather it was intended to illustrate the nature of how our sub and conscious mind interact.

The Elephant (subby) is able to be controlled by the ant (conscious) by a concerted effort. You might say that the subby will always default to the skirt chaser with out a conscious effort.  The beauty of it is that we are able to seize control of our lives by controlling what dwells in our sub conscious mind.  I need to embrace and have a plan to acknowledge what is being offered and to respond immediately. Consistent positive feeding of our minds is the answer to our juvenile subby’s attempts to ignore long term consequences.

MKMMA- Week 9 Whims, Wishes and Fancies

In the still early stages of this ‘grand adventure’, I have been profoundly impacted by phrases, particularly from the Master Key readings. The line from the first paragraph of this weeks reading is particularly impressive, “Your whims, your wishes, your fancies, your ambitions may be thwarted at every step, but your inmost thoughts will find expression just as certainly as the plant springs from the seed.” Again Haanel writes, “Character is not a thing of chance, but it is the result of continued effort…the positive thought will destroy the negative as certainly as light destroys darkness, and the results will be just as effectual.”

When my son was in junior high, I assisted his football team in conditioning drills and assisted in practice. One day while gathering for practice some of the boys were talking big about how much talent they had and how they were going to stomp their opponents all year. The coach spoke up and said, “Nice thoughts guys. Every team thinks on this first day they are world beaters. After this first practice, more than half of this group will not show up for the next one. While nothing being done is impossible for you, your body will scream that you did not sign up for this. Whoever wins that argument with their body wins at football and learns the key to winning all life long.”

I am so grateful for the clarity which MKMMA has brought to the power we have to change our lives. Zone in on what is right and true. Think actively, purposefully and with passion on such and enjoy the benefits of a life lived on your terms.

MKMMA Week 8- Chalk one up for the Ant!

Last week my wife and I explained to a young woman that we were heading up the road to a resort to celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary.  She is 25 and a mother 3 times over. Her response was, “Whoa! 41 years?!? Really? I get tired of a guy in about 10 days.” We chuckled and told her that she needs to work on that because longevity in a great relationship is the best life has to offer. It is a matter of managing expectations and genuine interest in some one other than yourself.

This is truly where my subconscious has been challenged by my conscious self that all that glitters is not gold.  My subby is a skirt chaser. My conscious mind tells the skirt chaser that you do not want to hurt or lose the love of your life. You could not handle the pain inflicted by such a betrayal. Chalk one up for the ant!  Imagine if we can control such strong instincts, what we can do with a conscious mind that is daily instructing our subby to pay attention to only life enhancing, positive, well crafted messages to build wealth and happiness. Can you see it? Pretty soon the subby develops a ‘garbage’ filter much like a ‘sales’ filter. The Ant has done his job and can proceed to other life enhancing messages to feed the elephant.

MKMMA Week 7 “It Is What It Is”

A favorite author/philosopher/speaker of mine said in a speech a few years ago, “The world is a universe of laws and does not care if you figure it out or not–it just is. Wisdom is figuring that out and living accordingly”.   It sounded great at the time and makes even more sense to me after this time in the MKMMA course.  I remember as a child fussing about rain that was interrupting my outdoor plans.  My Mom would say “Talk to God about it and find something else to do.”  Imagine how productive fussing about the weather is. Or about your shoe size or the family you were born into.

Think about how narrow our world is when we live with a subby shaped by other’s impressions or outdated/unworkable ideas. Total futility (like fussing about the weather) is when an idea’s time is gone (or never was) and we keep trying to make it work. It truly takes wisdom and knowledge of eternal principles to identify and uproot destructive thought patterns and behavior. A young woman confided to me that she was stressed because her ‘boyfriend’ wanted her to do things she did not want to do. I asked her why she was stressed and she replied he would break up with her if she did not. I suggested she would be trading a toxic relationship for her dignity, self respect and the knowledge she is perfectly able to live without him. Our subconscious has the potential to unlock a brilliant, satisfying and exciting life when we learn what is smart and life giving. It is what it is no matter how much we chant, “Rain, rain go away…”

MKMMA Week 6- Strange Dreams

I am wondering if others have had some strange dreams while poking around the ‘subby’? I recently had a dream about two separate times/moments in my life. I am beginning to understand the powerful and somewhat random collision of events our subconscious can create. Not really sure if the combo is random or if there is a link I have not  discovered. I do know this much, it is not coincidental I had this dream. Nothing else, I realize the unlimited storage capacity and the ability to retrieve information from incidents 50+ years ago.

Earlier in this course Mark J illustrated a remarkable point about our subby. If you see a movie and then watch the trailer, you will spot anything out of order. A scene not in the movie.  Dialog intermingled. Its true. I do that all the time.  Since our subby does not distinguish between true or false; Rational or irrational; logical or illogical,it is crucial for our conscious mind to feed and monitor what goes in.  It starts with positive affirmations and is followed by our own instructions on what to do with the input. It has taken me awhile to wrap my mind around this. I have informed my subby there is a new gatekeeper on duty.

My weird dreams are light weights compared to my wife’s.  She has marching bands and does not play an instrument.  Go figure!

MKMMA- Week 5 Nodding wisely and speaking stupidly…

One of the most insightful sentences in the first scroll of The Greatest Salesman in the World is found on page 53, “Nature already has supplied me with knowledge and instinct far greater than any beast in the forest and the value of experience is over-rated, usually by old men who nod wisely and speak stupidly.” I laughed when I first read that but also realize how true that is. As a Senior Minister for 32 years I have experienced some of the most racist, homophobic and utter foolishness uttered while old men and women nodded wisely while speaking stupidly. Whatever ‘experience’ they had in life it was not based on timeless or Godly principles but on prejudices they picked up on the way. They are still impacting a generation despite no helpful insight being offered to live well.

Successfully navigating channels of life involves knowing yourself, your potential and skills to discern what is useful and principled. Our subbies are being charged while sleeping and awake. I am now learning that timeless principles are not marked by  years lived or positions gained. Rather it is simply a matter of standing guard over your thirsty mind and filling it with life enhancing instructions.

MKMMA Week 4– My Very Eventful Birthdays

I have a a scar on my left knee as a vivid reminder of my fourth birthday. That was back in 1955 when kids rode in the back of pickups and got toy metal trucks with sharp edges for their birthdays. The ‘What were they thinking’ concept or the “Duh” factor was not yet in vogue. With in 10 minutes of opening the gift, my Mom was holding a towel over my gushing knee and my uncle was driving us to a nearby emergency room. Each time I see the scar, I can almost completely recall the scene, the smells and the pretty nurses, 59 years later.  On my fifth birthday I received a small toolbox and soon I was explaining to my father why I was knocking mortar from between the bricks on our neighbors front porch. “It’s my birthday. I can do what I want.” Not often you get grounded on your birthday.  Can’t blame the gift giver for that one. You have to get creative to get in trouble with a toolbox.  Many years later, on my 55th birthday, I had surgery on my right knee for a torn meniscus. Not sure who to blame for that. “God, what were you thinking?”  🙂

This Saturday, 10-25, is the fourth anniversary of my 59th birthday. On that day, our daughter made dinner and my 3 year old grand daughter chose a smurf birthday cake for me. I generally abstain from such but could not disappoint such a cute little child.  I had always eaten healthy foods so when I felt nausea coming on I told my wife the smurf cake was making me sick. Four hours later one of the top cardiologists in the world put 5 stents in my heart. I was stunned. I am totally grateful for renewed health (That I did not expect needed renewing).

I have learned much from these events. The last incident especially taught me that what I do not know can hurt me. In regards to our class, I am learning the power of our sub conscious mind. I am very aware now my life has been impacted by my lack of understanding of that power. I eliminate fear, feed my sub conscious and have placed my conscious mind as the gatekeeper granting access according to my instructions. I do not expect Smurf cake on Saturday. My grand daughters are into reggae so who knows?

MKMMA Week 3– The Blind leading the Blind

The story goes that a young mother approached Mahatma Ghandi and asked him to help cure her son of his addiction to sugar. He instructed her to return in 30 days and ask for his help then.  She agreed and returned 30 days later to ask for his favor. She was curious as to why the 30 days was a condition for his help and asked him such.  He responded that 30 days earlier he was addicted to sugar and had nothing of value to offer the child. The self awareness and principled life he demonstrated made him useful and effective. That commitment made for a powerful transformation to take place in 30 days.

I have learned that it is quite easy to offer opinions and criticism when like Ghandi in the first encounter we had little to offer. Week 3 has provoked a thought process that makes me realize when I learn to discipline my subconscious mind I will be a much more effective trainer, friend, family member and adviser.  Help is formulated in the crucible of struggle, focus and disciplined learned from fixing our own ‘way of thinking’. The purported value of ‘just do it’ or ‘just say no’ campaigns is diminished by the underlying fear/uncertainty most people are unaware of but totally controlled by.  Helping people to ID the source of fear and failure is an incredible gift for a wonderful life.